You mMDA-15902_WebsiteVertBanner_Baby_REVISEDay have seen in your local newspaper one of these fun ads from the Montana Dental Association:

There’s a lot of great info out there on keeping your baby and children’s mouths healthy.  I think the message that I find most often comes as a surprise to people is that the American Dental Assiciation recommends that children first see the dentist at 6 months of age, or when they get their first tooth.  I love seeing little ones for these healthy mouth visits!  At theres visits  it’s a great opportunity to:

  • check that teeth are coming in as we expect them to
  • check the mouth for any other conditions
  • chat with parents about good diet and habits that can help prevent cavities
  • start getting your little one used to seeing the dentist!

Come in and chat with me about this, or check out the healthy smiles from the start facebook page for some great tips!


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