Most people don’t know that tooth decay is actually a contagious disease.  Babies, before they have teeth do not have the bacteria that causes tooth decay in their mouths.  The bacteria that is mainly at fault for tooth decay is S. Mutans.  Once babies start to get teeth they will be infected by the bacteria which will colonize their teeth.  Usually, this bacteria is passed on to babies by their mothers or fathers.  But with good habits mothers and fathers can reduce this infection they are passing on and minimize their baby’s risk of tooth decay.  Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Keep your mouth healthy, by not having decay in your mouth you reduce the amount of bacteria you have and therefore reduce the amount you’re passing on.
  2. Use Xylitol mints and gums to reduce amounts of bacteria (More on that soon)
  3. Don’t put baby’s pacifier in your mouth.
  4. Minimize sharing of utensils
  5. Get your baby’s teeth checked (The American Dental Association recommends the first visit be around the time they get their first tooth)

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Check out this cutie getting her teeth cleaned and examined!

Alexis kiddo exam

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