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What are the parts of a tooth?

    There are many parts to a tooth and they all have different functions! Here is a good video explaining the parts (I have no affiliation to colgate I just like the video) plus she has a delightful accent!

How do you get fluoride?

The best way to get fluoride is through your drinking water, in the US we’ve been adding fluoride to the drinking water for over 70 years, they’ve been studying the effects of this for about that long and have found … Continued

Who should have fluoride?

Fluoride is a really effective way of re-hardening teeth that have been exposed to foods and acids and therefore preventing tooth decay.  Anyone who has teeth and eats food could benefit from fluoride. Fluoride is especially important for growing children.  … Continued

What does fluoride do?

There are two ways hat fluoride helps our teeth, one happens when we’re kids before our teeth are in our mouth, the other happens after our teeth are up in our mouths. When as kids we’re exposed to fluoride it … Continued