Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Jennifer Sanders is proud to be the go to holistic dentist in the Missoula area.

Dr. Sanders has been adding holistic services to her practice over the last decade and has developed great working relationships with local physicians, naturopaths, midwives, lactation consultants, chiropractors, physical therapists, sleep doctors and more! It has taken time to be able to develop these relationships and learn to understand how different providers work together. Dr. Sanders believes strongly in having a whole-team, whole-health approach to dentistry. It’s so much more than teeth!

Dr. Sanders very strongly believes that her role as a health care provider is to help people make the best decisions for their health. She understands that health is not one-size fits all. Some people need different approaches to keep themselves healthy, some people are more sensitive to different products. She works with each person’s needs and desires to create a plan that will help them.

Dr. Sanders offers the following holistic services:

As Frenchtown Dental offers both traditional and holistic dentistry if you are interested in holistic services please be sure to let us know when making your appointment so you can be appointed with Dr. Jennifer Sanders.