Frenchtown Dental’s Vision

We strive to improve the high quality of Frenchtown dental by continually working towards:

  • Always running on time
  • Being more convenient for our patients
    • Having a space with room and good flow
    • Having more specialized procedures in house
  • Making our patients as comfortable as possible
  • Being our best selves in and out of work
  • Having a reputation for values
  • Being a cornerstone of our Frenchtown – Alberton – Superior community
  • Educating our patients to help them improve their health
  • Communicating honestly and effectively


  • Our primary mission at Frenchtown Dental is to be a successful, contributing part of the Frenchtown community.   While improving health and building relationships.


  • Honesty
  • Caring
  • Fun
  • Quality & Improvement
  • Overall Health